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I then created a New Feed Display Module and copied in the URL.

Warp Documentation Widgetkit Documentation ZOO Documentation Legal Information, Copyright, Terms of Use, YOOtheme License © 2007 - 2016 YOOtheme All Rights Reserved. View the discussion thread. K2 Community Forum / English K2 Community Ruud van Lent 6 hours 47 minutes ago Can i get one latest articles on ho... Read more 310: Joomla 3.1 RSS Newsfeeds Component Tutorial The Feed Display module in Joomla allows you to show an RSS feed on feed manager pull the RSS data?

Latest News YOOtheme Pro Page Builder Website Builder 1-Click Updates The Invisible Framework YOOtheme Pro Products Joomla Templates WordPress Themes Warp Framework Widgetkit ZOO Stock Icons Company Blog Our Team Contact Joomla! If that doesnt work you could always you this same idea for removing that line of code. Krikor OFFLINE Moderator Posts: 12077 Feed error - Failed loading XML... (with a fix) 4 months 3 weeks ago #154499 Thank you Steve for the fix.

I would double check your RSBlog config and see if there is any thing on there site that references the error. Start your free trial now! This is meant to contain an RSS feed that keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest Joomla security news. Ninja RSS accesses the server using localhost.

I received the error loading feed data pink error banner Error loading feed data load feed data with link Read more JEvents providing Events and Calendars for Joomla! Bryan Teague OFFLINE New Member Posts: 3 Feed error - Failed loading XML... (with a fix) 4 months 2 weeks ago #154823 Steve, The helper.php file is below. K2 Community Forum / English K2 Community Krikor 9 hours 12 minutes ago Urgent Help - Hyperlink Item Image K2 Community Forum / English K2 Community chengeh madondo 9 hours 52 changing these lines like below$repurl= array('
Notice: Unknown: Mailbox is empty (errflg=1) in Unknown on line 0
'); $goodurl= array('
Notice: Unknown: Mailbox is empty (errflg=1) in Unknown on line 0

The Joomla! K2 Community Forum / English K2 Community Krikor 12 hours 26 minutes ago Watermark Free Joomla Extensions / Simple Image Gallery Krikor 12 hours 36 minutes ago Who Is Online Total Why Your Customers Know More Than You Think How a Marathon Can Teach You About Business Is Your Customer Service Costing You Customers? First in the State of Iowa and First in the Nation.

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Search Leaderboard Help 0 Add to favorites sitebento asked Zoo Produt Catalog Front Page "Error Loading Feed Data" Hi, only in my Zoo pages I am getting Error Loading Feed Data. PHP is at 5.4.4 and SimplePie 1.2. Forgot your username? The problem is caused by the the "Joomla Security Newsfeed" box on the right.

Error Loading Feed Data Reply Topic Subscribed 13 Nov 13 I created an article category, RSS News Feeds and added some articles.